Drop Logik



    Artist - Drop Logik

    Hailing from the mountains of the Southwest United Crates of America, a sound physician was born... Making drumkits out of trashcans and empty paint barrels and whatever the hell else made noise, Chad Dixon aka DropLogik & Crate Diggler, began rearranging sound from an early age. Moving on to simply looping beats from dual cassette decks to buying his first sampler and drum machine and so on and so forth... It's always been an outlet of inner combustion ready to be released into your headphones. Now is the time to press play!!!!!

    Drop Logik is simply hear on this Earth to rearrange soundscapes that sounds great to the ear to persevere and not adhere to the normal. Formally known as DJ Drop but got a plot to stop that present mindstate and migrate across the land to expand mind and ground to find the sound applied in now and vow to keep initiating and appreciating life and what it has to offer musically, spiritually and hemispherically.

    If you can't find Drop Logik out on the streets asking panhandlers for money; You can find his martini ridden brother Crate Diggler fondling delicado dusty sounds at the local tiki lounge. Salute!

    Chad Dixon, known to some as Drop Logik, grew up between nature and urban lifestyle at a young age. Trying to find the balance between the two gave an obvious effect on the style of music that he produces to this day. You can hear the natural but yet sci-fi suited up jet-packed sounds ready to blast into your headphones. When in slinky martini mode, Crate Diggler has arrived bringing you the exotica cocktail ridden sounds of the past and beyond. No wonder the man has found his home in Denver which has the close combination of urban and organic culture.