Artist - Grandpa Mojo

Grandma Moses began her painting career when she was in her 70's. Grandpa Mojo began his electronica career as he stepped out of his 30's and in to the mid-life crisis of his 40's.

Described as "Stevie Wonder driving Miles Davis's Ferrari in to Tom Wait's swimming pool", Grandpa's music benefits from his ability to play nearly every instrument under the sun. Relying on original compositions and live instrumentation as opposed to samples and loops allows him to merge the best of the sounds of "old school" with modern production techniques.

Born and raised on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming, Grandpa Mojo was exposed to varied and obscure musical influences throughout his life. As a baby, it was listening to his mother's recordings of swing bands and operatic tenor Mario Lanza. As a child, it was listening to old, old country: Minnie Pearl, Grandpa Jones, Hank Williams, and others, on very scratched 45's in the basement with his brother. Throughout grade school, it was traditional Shoshone and Arapahoe music when attending pow-wows with Native American schoolmates. In junior high, it was The Jackson Five, Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind, and Fire. In high school, it was jazz: Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Woody Shaw, Dexter Gordon, and Chick Corea. In college at North Texas State, it would continue to be jazz, but with the addition of funk, punk and world music. After college, Grandpa Mojo played with all types of groups, from classical orchestras to indie bands.

This self titled Grandpa Mojo album is a extraordinary exploration in to trip-hop, acid jazz and psychedelic dub. These original compositions feature Grandpa Mojo (Chris Hansen) playing rhodes, synths, trumpet, guitar, and stand up bass.