Astro Raph



    Artist - Astro Raph

    The man of a million sounds, sounds the same after ten years. So here it is the newest and best version of himself. ASTRO RAPH. The pinnacle of Yacobinisms to the Walrus degree of maximum Raphael divided by Jacob Shier = the Astro Raph of today. An irreversible phenomenon of Do Not Hop, AKA Hit Stop. A genre of algebra calculations designed to make one urinate their drawers. A 15 minute journey into the sound of ASTRO RAPH per day is all you need to be considered legally insane. So please, try this at home, it will make you a better person. Listen to the cassette tape instructions and follow the routine; you'll be dancing right away. The ambient section is incredibly delectable. Insanely obvious is the amount of energy under the man's belt in the way of receiving applauses, smiles, people falling asleep and money. Hard work and deep thought, as well as scientific dance floor studies (such as losing ones mind to the music) has caused a chill vibe over the synthesizer, a calming effect over the rave be it in a restaurant or even a nightclub, cuz he gets excited about relaxing. Raph bangs out the freakie bass like a bridge painted black for which to jump off. And that's only because of the fact that 'From beatbox to box beats DJ ASTRO RAPHAEL BRINGS THE STUFF.'