Cosmic Rocker

Action Breaks Remixes EP

06.10.08 // BLACK.003
  1. Hubert Von Filter
    Astro Raph Horny Drummer Mix
  2. Tonic
    Mammoth Studios' Rock'em Sock'em Robot Mix
  3. Hubert Von Filter
    Spaceflight Orchestra Remix
  4. Hubert Von Filter
    The Drop Logik Uprock
  5. Fred On Drums
    Matthew Bandy's 16bit Mix
  6. Electric Hair Dub
    Hoodshank 21 Dread Remix
      Album - Cosmic Rocker - Action Breaks Remixes EP

      Welcome to: The finest Black Bridge artists take on Cosmic Rocker's "Action Breaks".

      Astro Raph's "Horny Drummer" remix starts out innocently enough with a solid break and deep dance bass line. The track smacks out some funk cymbal rides and the journey begins on the Astro Raph spaceship/time-warping machine. This is a pumpin' psychedelic journey through breakbeat universes. Exploring some of the more beautiful outer arms of little known galaxies, this track takes time to smell the space roses.

      Mammoth Studio's "Rock'em Sock'em Robot Mix" of "Tonic" packs a solid punch from the first beat. Expressive percussion keeps this bad boy swinging deep and low. Fancy breakdowns, surprise left hooks, and a steady wide stance anchor this fighting track. Oh yeah, watch out for that cow bell. Mammoth Studios is the production duo of Jon Nedza (Community Recordings) and Ryel K (Pink Mammoth).

      Bobby C's "Spaceflight Orchestra Remix" of "Hubert Von Filter" launches again into the stratosphere. With martini in hand the pilot takes his ship into groovy land, where the rude boys and girls drop low and get down. Nebulous atmospherics take this exceptionally smooth ride into the galactic sunset.

      "The Drop Logik Uprock" remix of "Hubert Von Filter" takes the lush undergrowth path to the drug addled elfin underground. Just about every sonic possibility floats this track (was that the kitchen sink I just saw fly by....?). The experience is rooted deep and wide by hammering kicks and ground shaking bass. Don't forget to take your machete.

      "Matthew Bandy's 16bit Mix" of "Fred on Drums" calls home the faithful. Despite the lack of bit depth, this head nodder puts a smile on every child's face, and undeniable funk into the hips of the grown ups. Groovy times like this are a treasure. Matthew Bandy has releases on labels such as Seasons, Swank, Nordic Trax, and Drop Music.

      21 Dread's "Hoodshank" remix of "Electric Hair Dub" drops off of a cliff into a bustling voodoo market place. Exit from this underground dub can be had for the right price. Just keep your wits about you; some of those spirits will try to get away with anything.